Sir David King: Climate Leadership, COP26, and 20 Degrees of Warming?


Datum: 21-12-2021 Scientists Warning Europe

Sir David King is interviewed by Ed Gemmell, Managing Director of Scientists Warning Europe. The interview focusses on Sir David’s analysis of COP26 and whether it delivered in its aim to prevent the climate crisis unfolding.

No punches are pulled as David King gives his COP26 overview and provides blunt warnings on methane and its potential disastrous effect on accelerating global warming and the ravages of climate change. Sir David states that even if we have deep and rapid carbon emission reductions tomorrow to achieve almost immediately net zero, we would still be facing a dire short term future for humanity. Looking further forward to when all the methane will be released from under the World’s thawing permafrost Sir David warns us to expect not a few degrees of warming but as much as 20 degrees over the next few centuries. Getting specific, Sir David warns that Vietnam, one of our top rice producing nations and a country with a population of nearly 100 million, will be 90% under water within 30 years. During this interview calls are made on government leaders including those in the UK and leaders of top companies including fossil fuel companies to grab the mantle now and drive forward vital change. Scientists are also called on to rethink their role in driving action and start to communicate more with all levels of society. Leadership is being shown by Britain’s biggest cities which have adopted 2030 net zero targets for their whole communities and Sir David sees this as vital in moving forward the UK government to the necessary target of 2030 net zero, as called for in Scientists Warning Europe's letter to Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Mario Draghi just before COP26. Individuals are called on to play their part, with two specific behavioural changes are identified. "This a very frank open must see interview with one of the World’s top climate scientists which will scare the socks off everyone." says Ed Gemmell. Support climate action and sign the Scientists Warning Into Action paper now: https://www.scientistswarningeurope.o...

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